Orchid Focus Repotting Mix

The perfect peat-free growing medium for orchids

Orchids, when grown in a bark-based medium, should be repotted every 12-18 months. If they are grown in sphagnum moss, due to the relatively quick decomposition of moss they should be repotted every six months. Orchid Focus Repotting Mix is ideal to repot orchids and comes in three litre and 10 litre sizes. It is composed of graded bark, blended with coconut fibre chips of various sizes. This complex matrix maintains a superb balance of air and moisture and is ideal for most popular orchid species and hybrids.

Ian Parsons, Vice Chairman of the British Orchid Council, advises: “Orchid mixes should not contain peat. It can damage the roots of many orchids, and can be detrimental to the health of the plant.”

If you would like everything to re-pot an orchid in a kit, why not consider an Orchid Repotting Kit?


      Testimonials from Amazon

'This product is absolutely perfect for its primary purpose, repotting that sad Phalaenopsis you got at your leaving do or from the relative who doesn't like you. It had the perfect mix of bark and smaller substrates, as well as nutrients to feed the symbiotic relationship between the green gunk on the aerial roots and the plant's stomach. Personally, I use it as an ingredient in compost for pot-grown Lilium and other woodland species, where it opens up the mixture while providing a moisture retentive yet free-draining medium, cutting down on the use of peat in the process. Great stuff! I just need bigger bags! ' C. Mackay
'I love orchids and have several on my windowsills. They were getting really potbound and one in particular was looking really sorry for itself. I bought the Orchid Focus and following the directions repotted it and now it looks much happier in a larger pot and has sent up some new shoots. Brilliant - I'm going to gradually repot all the others now! Great product.' Magee
My orchid has suffered a bit in recent years and I knew it needed to be repotted. The bag comes with instructions on how to repot your orchid on the back. The material is easy to use. Best of all, my orchid, which had been looking a bit despondent, now looks very happy and lush. And there was more than enough for my one little plant so I have enough for next time, or if I'm brave, to invest in another orchid! K Friedman
'I really like the mix, some large chunks especially for the smaller orchids so you need to sort through it a bit. I ordered on line due to Garden centers not having the right potting mix in, saying that the day after this had been delivered I went to a garden center and saw this for £3 so it may be wise to look around first!! all in all it looks good quality orchid mix, I potted my plants up the same day this was sent and already I can see improvement.' Mark H
'Really excellent compost for my many orchids.' M Walls
'Brought this to repot my Orchids as they were burst out their old pots. Since repotting them they have grown bigger and are flowering more. Orchids are loving their their new repot mix. I would defiantly recommend this repotting mix.' Ellaine
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